Running in the Rain


I had ten miles to run and I was dreading it, so I planned to run the full ten miles at the beach on a Sunday morning.  Little did I know that is was forecasted to rain.  My alarm goes off at 6 am and I hear a hard pitter patter on my window.  Oh's raining.  That instant dread of having to run in the wet, cold rain.  My thoughts immediately went to maybe I should postpone it, but I knew I only had 3 weeks until the Surf City 1/2 Marathon and I couldn't get behind on my training.  So reluctantly I get up and I get dressed.  I get all my gear and I head to the beach.

I immediately was drenched from head to toe and wanting to run back inside where it was warm and I could curl up on the couch, but perseverance started to kick in.  It will only be miserable for a little while and then I can say that I did it.  Trying to keep my mind off of the cold and the wetness I started to talk to God about what He wanted me to write about next.  As I jumped over a puddle and then immediately ran to the right of another big puddle God spoke to me.  Temptations.  Yes that big ugly word.

When I was running I was constantly trying to dodge the big puddles because I didn't want my feet to get soaked.  Yes I know I was already wet, but there is that awful feeling you get when you run or jump into a puddle and everything becomes wet and cold.  That is what temptation is like for us ladies.  Satan throws it at us trying to block our way so we will run and jump right through it eventually making us feel guilty and miserable, but we try to dodge the temptations by running to the right or left of it and sometimes we try to jump right over it.  As I was running and trying to dodge these puddles, I accidentally ran right through a big, deep puddle that I didn't see.  It was masked by the unevenness of the pavement.  We try to run from these temptations, but sometimes we run right into temptations without even seeing it leaving us wet, cold, and miserable.  It also reminded me of the times where I wanted to give in to my temptations so much that I didn't care what the consequences were and I would jump right into that puddle making a big splash.  So how do we try to stay out of the puddles, warm and dry?

We stay in God's word on a daily basis and pray.  Ephesians 6:11 says Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.  The more we read the bible and study it the closer our relationship gets to God and the more we want to glorify Him every day.  We are not perfect by any means, but the closer we are to God the easier it is to fight the temptations that come our way.

Luke 22:46 says "Why are you sleeping?" he asked them.  "Get up and pray so that you may not fall into temptation.

Mark 14:38 says "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

It is just like my puddles.  At the beginning of my run I was awake and full of energy.  I was on watch veering off to the right and to the left of each puddle successfully avoiding the puddles, but as I got to miles 7 and 8, my legs started to get tired and instead of going out of my way exerting more energy I found myself running right through the puddles, and for the rest of my run my shoes and socks were soaked and cold.  I was not a happy camper.  My point is if we let ourselves get tired and drift away from God then we won't have the energy or the desire to fight off the temptations that Satan throws our way.  My pastor once said in a sermon that in order for you to notice a difference with your relationship with God you should be in the word at least 4 times a week.  So I am throwing this challenge out to myself and everyone reading this.  Let's stay in the word at least 4 times this week and schedule some quiet time with God.  Let's grow our relationship with Him and be blessed by it.