The Overton Window


The Overton Window is a political theory showing what the public thinks would be acceptable from a political policy standpoint.  I once read Glenn Beck's Overton Window book a few years back which explained it through a fictional story setting.  The best I can explain it is if a group of people want to implement a radical change that the public would definitely say no to, they will take baby steps towards their end goal so that the public would slowly accept the change and before they know it they are accepting the one thing that they would have said no to in the past, but because it wasn't such a radical change they didn't really notice the culture shift of acceptance.

I saw the above picture the other day and it instantly reminded me of the book and the concept of the book and then I started to realize that we do that as christians too.  We sometimes start to rationalize and accept different things as ok when they start to become "the norm" in today's society when God's word says that it shouldn't be ok.  I struggle with this every day.  We live in a world where primetime tv says it's ok to now have sex scenes in almost every show and there are viagra commercials on during the day on cable.  What once used to be rated "R" is now considered "PG-13".  We live in a world where sex before marriage and living together after a few months of dating is the normal course of a relationship.

It's hard being a single woman who loves the Lord and trying to be sexually pure when it is thrown in your face left and right.  It is hard to live in a world where sinful nature is taking over and the world is starting to get darker each and every day and to still try and shine God's light in this world.  Our overall morals in this world are disintegrating and it is up to us to try and uphold God's standards.

I just recently watched the movie Into the Woods.  It is a disney musical that is rated PG and is about different fairy tale stories being intertwined into one story.  There was one scene where they had Prince Charming after he just married Cinderella kissing the Baker's wife and a whole song on how she shouldn't kiss him, but she wanted to and they continued to kiss.  I was flabbergasted. Here is a disney movie that is targeting kids and promoting cheating and having affairs.  It's not ok!  But the overton window has shifted and our society is ok with it.  It would have never been acceptable to put something like that in a disney movie years ago, but apparently it is ok now.

I try to stay close in my relationship with Christ every day and only through the grace of God do I get by.  I try and stay away from the shows that have a strong sexual nature, and I make it a point when I'm dating that I want to glorify God by following His ways.  I'm by no means perfect, but it's about putting in the effort in to try and bless God each and every day.  It's about building our character to be more like Him.  Staying in His word, going to church on a weekly basis, being involved in women's bible study, and serving where needed is how I get through every single day.  I can tell the days that I struggle the most that I may not have been in the word that day or for a few days.  We all go through ups and downs, but all we can do is try and shine God's light as much as we can in a world where it is ok to do everything that goes against the grain of our very being, our faith.  There is hope and strength in Jesus and as long as we focus on Him we can be free from the slavery of this world.  

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.  - Galatians 5:1

Pray with me for this world that we live in and pray with me that we can go out and be Bold in our faith and set that example for people that need to see God's love, grace, and mercy.