The Truth About Happiness

It is too often that I forget that happiness is not the same feeling as joy.  We often intertwine happiness and joy thinking they bear the same definition, but when I really think about it happiness seems to be a temporary and sometimes fleeting emotion.  It comes and goes according to the situation.  When joy comes to mind it gives me a sense of peace and contentment even through the hard times.  It links with a feeling of consistency and can only truly be achieved when we know that Christ is our Lord and Savior. 

I recently connected with a new Author, J.E. Berry and she just wrote a book on just this topic.  The Truth About Happiness gets released today July 7, 2016 and will be available on Amazon.

The synopsis of this book really makes us dive into what makes us happy and our worldly views.  We can start to look at the real meaning of Joy and what it looks like to get rid of the roadblocks that get in our way of experiencing the contentment and peace that God wants us to receive.  J.E. Berry describes it perfectly below:

The great dream of the world. To be “HAPPY”. But what does that even look like in our eyes? Do we have a true grasp on what that means or even how we draw it from the source? Most of us have started off with a false perception of what happiness is. Rather a believer or not.

In a world struggling to define and understand what happiness looks like, The Truth About Happiness comes as a cool breeze where there seems to be little air to breathe at all. Offering clarity on the topic of happiness through biblical truths and encouragement to help readers carry out those truths. Addressing practical struggles, such as suffering, choices and perception, with practical scripture text to produce spiritual growth, discovery, and personal Bible study.

The Truth About Happiness is a personal journey for each reader. Each chapter focuses on areas that can keep us from experiencing the fullness of joy in Christ while offering encouragement and hope through Scriptural truth. Each chapter also includes a personal reflection and challenge for readers. The author offers an honest look at real life topics while challenging readers to actively weed out the hindering seeds deep within and walk with Christ toward a life He has designed for them.

Women180 definitely recommends this book and we hope that you will put this on your summer reading list.  Click on the link below:

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