I Am HIS Masterpiece

For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

The other morning while having my quiet time with God, I looked out my window and noticed the sun rising slowly.  Just then I saw these magnificent colors appear.  God was literally painting a masterpiece right in front of my eyes.  I grabbed my phone to take a picture but the colors just werent justified through its lens. I have the same reactions to sunsets as well.  My 12 year old daughter now has the same passion of sunsets as I do, and will quickly shout out Mom, look at that one. How blessed are we to witness such a creative God. I once was in a bible study and I remember the author of the study once said that when we see such beauty such as sunrises and sunsets its Gods way of saying He loves us.  And our response should be I love you too

Ladies, just like a beautiful sunset that God created, he also created you exactly how he wanted you to be.  With every stroke, He colored your hair, your eyes, your skin tone, your smile.  He made you perfect in HIS image.  We are one of Gods work of art.

I have a pretty big personality always have really.  My mom used to say I could make friends anywhere I went and they all would become my best friends within 15 minutes.  Its true.  I love meeting people, getting to know them and growing relationships with them.  Most people would have been surprised to know that when I was younger, I was comparing myself to anyone I met and always fell short from who I truly wanted to be.  My self-worth was pretty bad.  If only I could be like that person or this person.  The more people I had in my life, the more inadequate I felt. I was one of those people who could be in a room of 50 people and still feel unworthy and lonely. But you wouldnt have ever known this because I usually made myself the center of attention. I realize now its how I controlled the situation. I was funny and loud and portrayed the confidence I wanted everyone to think I had.  I had horrible insecurities that most people never even knew about.  I often lied about myself and who I truly was.  I lied so often about myself I started believing them. I made myself into someone I wasnt. This person I created was much better than who I actually was.   In my eyes a masterpiece was not part of my description of who I was. You should know I come from an extremely loving family who would tell me often that I was loved.  These insecurities came from deep inside me that stemmed from me truly not knowing who I was in Christ.

Today I know who I am in Christ.  I am perfectly made in His image.  I still have a lot of friends, and if I am honest, still often the center of attention, but for completely different reasons.  I still have no problem talking to strangers and making friendships quickly. The difference is there is joy in it all now.  I am no longer comparing myself to anyone because I am exactly who God wants me to be today.  I know that as long as I am open and willing to grow with Him, He will reveal Himself more to me and I will gain a better understanding of who I am.

 This is why knowing who you are in Christ is so important.  Whether you come from a loving or tragic background, if you dont know who you are in Christ you will seek your identity in places that are not secure or everlasting.  God promises us He will never leave or forsake us.  This we can hold onto and walk in confidence with.

This has been quite a journey weve been on together.  I cannot believe this is the last part of the Who Am I series.  So here I am Saved, Chosen, Free, and HIS Masterpiece.  O ladies, there are so many more amazing descriptions of who you are in Christ.  I pray today you commit to knowing who you are in Christ.  Dont stop here. Dig deeper in the bible and find out more ways who you are in Christ.   

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself here on Women180.  The feedback some of you gave me was encouraging and I hope to continue down this journey God has me on with writing.  Until next time my friends, Be Blessed INDEED.

Debbie Wayns